• Chris Healey

System implementation the right way

System implementation the right way – working to deliver on both operational and financial requirements.

Avoid costly workarounds due to missing business requirements with your new system; in time, money and team morale. When planning a system implementation you need to ensure that you are guided equally from both finance and operational functions processes and output needs.

Another BIG tip is don't buy a beast of an ERP system if your company size and transaction level does not benefit from the processes! Ensure you match the system to the business as large ERP systems can often cause pain to a small team trying to manage the processing requirements.

I've experienced finance led for great financial reports where production planning and stock management has been a downfall and also operations led for stock management but with financial statements reporting wrong stock valuations.

Please send me a DM or an email if you would like a chat about your system implementation; tips I can share and pitfalls to avoid, or if you need a review of your existing system - often improvements can be made with reporting bolt-ons that do not need to be costly.

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